Machine de remplissage à tambour pour lubrifiants à tambour huile / 200L

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machine a remplir les fûts pour lubrifiants huile / fût 200L

Principales caractéristiques

This machine is an intelligent packaging machine, mainly be aimed at filling liquid of 100-300kg in barrel, the main frame use high quality SS304, equipped with tempered glass door, completely closed when filling. There’s exhaust outlet in top of frame, to effective control the loss of material’s odor.

This machine integrates auto barrel feeding-- barrel mouth identification--barrel mouth orientation--diving filling (when filling when lifting to prevent the formation of bubbles), after finished filling, the people put and press cap manually, then the barrel will take away by semi-auto palletizer.

This machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen. It is characterized by convenient operation, high efficiency and wide range of application. Electric control part consists of PLC and VVVF. It has strong control ability and high automation degree. It utilizes special devices which ensure “no barrel, no filling”, and “no filling without fine calibration”. As a result, there’s no waste of material and pollution that displays the perfect mechatronics.

l This machine is controlled by PLC, touch screen and weighing instrument, convenient to adjust.

l Each filling head has the function of weighing and feedback system, so each filling nozzle’s filling quantity can be set and fine adjust.

l Automatic and manual control operation can be switched, can memory different specification product parameters, the touch screen can achieve choose barrel specification, filling volume and some other functions, operation is simple and intuitive, meanwhile displays current time, working situation, yield counting as well as has the function of fault alarming and present troubleshooting solution.

l The filler has interlock protection function, no barrel, no filling.

l Applicable to the various viscosity of lubricating oil.

l All the valve and connecting sealing ring adopts polytetrafluoroethylene,operating temperature from -190~250℃, allow sudden and steep warmings and coolings,or alternating operation. Pressure: -0.1~6.4Mpa (The negative pressure to 64kgf/cm2)

l Designing and production meet GMP. Easily dismantle, clean and maintain. The parts which contact filling products are made of high quality stainless steel. The machine is safe, environmental, sanitary, adapting to various kinds of working places.

Paramètre technique

01Source de courantAC 380V; 50Hz (peut être personnalisé)
02Puissance2.5 Kw
03Diamètre de la bouche du conteneur≥ φ50 mm (may customized)
04Container diameterΦ500mm~Φ700mm(may customized)
05Gamme de remplissage100kg~300kg
06Tolérance de remplissage≤ +-0.1%
07Capacité de production60~80containers/hour
08Nombre de buses de remplissage2
09Source pneumatique (à air)0.5Mpa clean and stable compressed air
10working relative humidity< 95% (no condensation)
11working environment temperature10℃-50 ℃
12material interfacestandard flange(material intake pressure:< 0.6 MPa)
13machine weight1600kg
14machine dimension (L×W×H)2000*2300*3000mm

Détails rapides

Type: machine de remplissage
Condition: Nouveau
Application: chimique
Type de conditionnement: fût
Matériel d'emballage: bois
Grade automatique: automatique
Type de moteur: électrique
Voltage: AC220V;50HZ
Puissance: 2.5kw
Lieu d'origine: Shanghai, Chine (continentale)
Nom de marque: Npack
Dimension(L*W*H): 400mm x 350mm x 600mm
Weight: 200KG
Certification: CE
Service après-vente fourni: Ingénieurs disponibles pour entretenir des machines à l'étranger
Matériel: haute qualité SS304
PLC: Panasonic